This is my somewhat poorly organized list of projects I'd eventually like to work on.
JavaComm for Linux (JCL) The initial version of this project is finished.  The official documentation/download is available here.
JavaShell I've written a little command line shell in Java.  I imbed it into most of my hacks to provide runtime scripting/debugging.  JavaShell is now part of khlib.
The Avionics Hack  This is a PC/68HC11data logger for my Dragonfly.
Java Signals This libary allows Java programs running in a Linux environment to catch UNIX style signals.
JavaFarm A utility to allow many different applications to run inside of a single Java virtual machine.
The MP3 Hack (The people are now selling this - so no one needs to have a building party anymore.
AutoPC for AvHack The AutoPC platform might make a good basis for the AvHack user interface.  It is vibration proof and made for a harsh environment with voice input.
Wireless MP3 for AutoPC A Metricom wireless modem could let an AutoPC download email/calendar/MP3s whenever the car is at rest - all without any connect fee.
Windows to the world Wouldn't it be cool to equip a bunch of museums with a LCD screen, a web cam, and perhaps a keyboard.  While walking through the museum you would encounter what appears to be a framed painting - but it is really just a live view of someone else looking into a similar 'window' - they just happen to be across the world.  

It would be best to combine night life sites with daytime sites unless you pair things up on longitude lines.  I.e. the MOMA might have a window to a museum in Brazil, or a nightclub in Japan.  I suspect the cost would be $6K per screen (assuming a hidden PC behind the wall) - and multiple screens would share the same analog phone line.  It would be all self contained so that even non techies could plug it in and make it go.  

An internet web page would also allow non visitors to see what is happening in all of these places.  Because the people can see themselves (picture in picture) on the 'window' they will likely make funny faces and remind each other that we are all very similar.

It appears likely that I'll have adequate fundage soon - I'll happily crank out a bunch of these if there is a positive reaction.  Anyone have any contacts at the MOMA or Exploratorium?  I'll make up some prototypes first.

Beck likes this idea too ;-)

LED animation It would be interesting to experiment with persistence of vision and use a vertical bar of LEDs as a display. Require the viewer to move somehow to see the rendered picture.
eCos I think eCos is a very elegant little embedded OS. Some time ago I contributed the PowerPC 860 support to this project. Eventually other folks extended my work to the other variants of this processor.
Moztop I've written a little throw away app which uses the Mozilla XPCOM component to render a web page as your X-Windows desktop pattern.

I gather that it is traditional to provide this magic email link: [email protected]