KHLib is a running snapshot of my personal development tree.  It includes the binaries and documentation for most of my Java based projects.  It does not include the software I've development commercially, but it does contain many useful classes and applications.

Someday when I have time, I'll enhance the documentation etc., but tell me if you find them useful anyway.  I also intend to create a release system, rather than just exposing the last nominally functional build.

What are the copyright restrictions?

KHLib is copyright 1996-1998 S. Kevin Hester.  Noncommercial use of the binary file "kh.jar" is permitted to all.  Any commercial use (i.e. inclusion in any work which is sold or leased) is prohibited without my written consent.

Where KHLib located?

You can download the current binary snapshot as kh.jar.  The documentation is available online.

What about support?

I'd be interested in receiving comments on these classes, but I can't promise a response.

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