What is JavaSignals?

Java Signals is a library which provides support for catching 'signals.'  Signals are thrown by most UNIX flavored operating systems.  The current version of Java Signals has been developed for Linux, but I suspect it would work for other UNIX flavors as well.

It was originally written for two purposes:

What is the current JavaSignals version?

The current version of Java Signals is 1.0.

What is needed to use JavaSignals?

How does one  install JavaSignals?

The following instructions are basically untested, please send [email protected] email if they work for you or if you encounter problems.  Please send me any improvements you make to this library. Please send me an email if this works for you - there have been many downloads, but not much feedback.

Who wrote this stuff?

Kevin Hester created/maintains JavaSignals. Bernhard Bablok contributed a fix for the problem of JavaSignals breaking RMI registry.

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