Java Comm for Linux

New news! (6/7/99) - The RXTX page is back up.

What is Java Comm for Linux (JCL)?

Java Comm for Linux is a set of free drivers for Sun's official serial driver interface: CommAPI.  It allows you to use Linux serial (and eventually parallel ports) in an OS independent manner. JCL actually supports any operating system supported by RXTX, but Linux is the operating system I've tested it on.  Windows 95/NT users can use Sun's standard CommAPI - you don't need JCL or RXTX.

What is the current JCL version?

The current JCL release is included as part of RXTX.  Known problems:

What is needed to use JCL?

How does one  install JCL and CommAPI?

You are now ready to write applications based on the public documentation included on Sun's web site.   Please send me an email if this works for you - there have been many downloads, but not much feedback.

Who wrote this stuff?

Trent Jarvi created the RXTX engine.  Kevin Hester created the original JCL drivers contained within RXTX. Many other people have significantly enhanced RXTX/JCL since I last futzed with it.

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