The Unofficial Dragonfly Page

The Dragonfly is a canard aircraft. I've thrown together this page with information from various DF sources. If someone wants to really maintain this page, please drop me a note ([email protected]).
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  • Dragonfly Information Sources

    The Dragonlist

    The dragonlist mailing list is the primary forum for Internet exchange of Dragonfly build and fly wisdom. To subscribe to the list, send a one line email to [email protected]. This line should simply read "subscribe". If you need to reach a human about this list, send email to [email protected].

    An out of date archive of Dragonlist postings is available. (Some of the files may not yet be accessable via HTTP. If you want to access these files, then you should request them using the directions you will receive when you subscribe to the list).  I will soon be constructing an up-to-date archive.

    The DBFN

    If you are building or flying a DF, you must subscribe to the Dragonfly Builder and Flyer Newsletter. The newsletter is published 6 times a for $18.00 in the US, $20.00 in Alaska, Canada and Mexico. $29.00 First class air mail (US funds) overseas. Personal checks are OK from anywhere as long as the are written on an U.S. bank. Back issues are available for DBFN issues #32 through #62. These back issues are $3.00 each and may be purchased in any increment, one, some or all. It's $93.00 for all 31 issues.

    Send your check to:

    Viking Aircraft

    Viking is the manufacturer of the Dragonfly kit and plans. I have always been pleased by the excellent support given by Pat and Robin.

    P.O. Box 646
    Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121
    Phone (414) 723-1048
    Fax (414) 723-1049

    Friendly Videos

    Every year Don Stewart makes an incredibly useful video of the annual Dragonfly/Q2 fly-in. This video is $26 and is chocked full of useful DF information and footage. I'd consider it a must-have collection of wisdom. Don also makes a number of DF collectables (clocks, hats, etc...) which I'm about to order. Don's email address is [email protected], and he can be reached at:

    P.O. Box 11926
    Prescott, AZ 86304
    Phone: 520-778-6988

    Another Dragonfly page

    You can find a very professional Dragonfly page with this link!.

    Don Stewart also hosts a Dragonfly page.

    The Quickie Folks

    The Dragonfly has much in common with the other x-wing canard - the Quickie. The Quickie has many different flavors, and I'd recommend that DF folks stay in touch with the Q2 folks. See this web site for a link.

    The Canard Aviator

    This page is a home for all canard craft.

    Maintained by: [email protected]