I've attempted to collect some DF specs. Before we get into the specs, there are three DF flavors.

Mark I - The original design with the mainwheels at the end of the canard.
Mark II - Standard conventional gear and some airfoil improvements.
Mark III - A Mark II with trigear (155 mph cruise)

The stats:

Seating-- 2, side-by-side
Controls-- Dual side sticks
Canopy-- One piece molded

Cockpit Width-- 43" inside (same as Cessna 172)
Construction-- Moldless foam/fiberglass composite sandwich

Empty weight-- 605 lbs. (1835 VW engine)
Gross weight-- 1150 lbs.
Stall speed-- 48 mph indicated
Fuel capacity-- 15 gallons
Fuel consumption-- 3.4 gph at 165 mph (TAS)

Range-- 500 miles, with 30 minute reserve at 165 mph
840 miles, with 30 minute reserve at 130 mph

Wing span-- 22 ft
Canard span-- 22 ft

Combined area-- 97 sq. ft (Mk I), 102 sq. ft (Mk II/III)
Wing loading-- 8 lbs/sq ft solo, 11.4 lbs/sq ft at gross

Glide ratio-- 14.5 to 1

Engine-- VW 1835cc, 60hp at 3200 RPM (many other engines used)
Takeoff distance-- 700 ft at gross load

Rate of climb-- 1150 fpm solo, 850 fpm dual
Cruise speed -- 165 mph (TAS) at 75% power at 7500 MSL
Ceiling-- 18,500 ft. MSL

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