S. Kevin Hester
[email protected]


I want to work with others to make products that improve life on this planet. My technical leadership in areas ranging from embedded systems to application software provides a rich background for creative thinking.

Professional Experience

Software Architect
Pacific Biosciences

I was the first software engineer hired to develop a fundamentally new approach to gene sequencing. As our company matured from proof of concept through to a shipping instrument, I designed and implemented much of our software. My contributions include hardware development, image processing, embedded system software, cluster computation and nanometer scale instrumentation.
Senior Engineer

While working in the Macintosh hardware division, I worked on bring-up of new hardware and provided software experience when looking at hardware problems.
Founding Engineer

I was a founding engineer responsible for client software architecture. I played a key role in all aspects of development: hardware requirements, device bring-up, BIOS development, driver development, cryptography, network protocols and application software. This NAS company was eventually sold to Seagate.
Hardware Engineer
ONI Systems

Though I am primarily a software engineer, this role was a chance to build other skills.  By working as a junior hardware engineer, I was able to design a fair number of PLDs/FPGAs and debug many hardware problems.
Lead Device Engineer
ONI Systems

I was a founding engineer responsible for a multi-processor RISC software architecture.   My work extended from initial product design through three generations of best selling optical networking equipment.  Over my tenure the software development team grew from three to one hundred engineers.  My responsibilities included team leadership, software design, device bring-up, profiling, and priority defect resolution.
The Big Network/WebTV

At the Big Network, I designed a chat and network game environment eventually incorporated into Myspace.  The scalable servlet/applet framework we created supported thousands of simultaneous users.   At WebTV,  I implemented low level system software for PCI, USB, and LCD devices. 
Founding Partner

I was a key partner at a high-tech startup.  I served as the technical lead on a massive server/client virtual environment.  I also led the creation of an anti spam email product and multiuser web browser.  My involvement in this startup provided me with broad exposure to both business and technical aspects of developing a product.
Senior Engineer
The 3DO Company

I joined 3DO to be part of a small team developing a video game system. As the project evolved I played a leadership role in operating system design, hardware bring-up, and driver architecture.   After the completion of our game system, I became one of three principal engineers for a family of Windows multiplayer games.
During my initial tenure at Apple I created software for wireless networking, the PowerPC microkernel and digital signal processing tools.
Transcomm Group

This small startup provided me with extensive involvement with fault tolerant hardware, network protocols, and operating system development. Eventually we merged with Tandem computers.
Microbotics Co.

While still in high school, I authored applications and device drivers for the Amiga computer.

Technical Expertise

Through various projects, I've acquired the following general areas of expertise.
Extensive Experience Moderate Experience Basic Knowledge
Network software development Servlets and JDBC
Computer graphics
Operating systems design Linux device drivers
Hardware engineering
C++ USB software and hardware Game development
Hardware bring-up and debugging XML/XML-RPC Bioinformatics
Java Compiler & VM design
Embedded Forth
PowerPC Consumer products Manufacturing
Verilog simulation/synthesis
Many assembly languages
Wireless networking CUDA and GPGPU
Various real time operating systems
BIOS internals Image processing OpenGL
Risk management Lua internals
C#/.net Logic analyzers

Patents and Publications

My work at Pacific Biosciences led to credited publication in Science and Optics Letters.

My prior work was glowingly described in a best selling book on Silicon Valley.

I am an inventor on a fair number of patents, the following patents have already been granted:

Patent No.Title
7,251,296 System for clock and data recovery
7,058,297 Distributed processor modules and persistent storage in an optical network
7,046,929 Fault detection and isolation in an optical network
6,009,458 Networked computer game system with persistent playing objects


Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

Through the SITN program, I have completed graduate level course work in: parallel processing, operating systems, computer graphics, and artificial intelligence.

University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a focus in electrical engineering.


Many hardware/software projects, airplane building, aerobatics, massively distributed applications, and paragliding


Numerous references available upon request.