Errata to Nudist

Sometime last year (June 1998) I started consulting for a company called "The Big Network."  I took the job because a few friends had started the company, and it offered interesting work.  A cool writer from Wired wanted to follow the life of a startup, so he occasionally checked in on me and the other people who eventually joined the biggies.  This writer is named Po Bronson, and he turned the Biggie experience into a chapter in "The Nudist on the Late Shift."  You should buy this book - I can honestly say I enjoyed it, I prefer the second and last chapters.  The first tenish percent of the Biggies chapter is excerpted on

Although I think his description was generally accurate, there were a few minor errors.  The errors didn't change the tenor of the chapter, but I thought I would record a few nitpicks (so Po can call me a jerk ass):

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